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i-link alliance 

The i-Link Alliance is a network of leading investigation companies in most Australian State and Territory. i-Link can under take investigations in all areas of Australasia quickly, efficiently and economically. We can coordinate investigations in any field, including: insurance, corporate, government, missing persons, litigation support, factual and surveillance.

To commission an investigation in any state of Australia email our head office in Canberra Australia's Capital City by email or telephone our National Office on 02 62929289.

Alternatively contact our Qld associate Jarris Fuller  0418 739 777 of

JFA Brisbane
PO Box 6463
Upper Mt Gravatt Qld 4122 Australia

T     07 3420 3333             +61 7 3420 3333
F     07 3420 3344             +61 7 3420 3344   

Call us if ....  your current surveillance service provider: -
  • Isn’t giving you real value for money.
  • Are the hours they are putting into the matter inappropriate for the desired result?
  • Are they wasting initial surveillance time at wrong addresses or not adequately identifying the surveillance subject?
  • Are they simply charging you too much for the results you are getting?
  • Are they seeking further instructions on whether the matter should continue when the video obtained early on in the matter is consistent with the claimed restrictions?
  • Treats your matters with a “sausage factory” mentality - they seem to just get the jobs in and out as quickly as possible, regardless of the results.
  • Doesn't seem to care or be totally focused on YOUR particular needs and requirements.
  • Isn't flexible enough to accommodate urgent matters or out of hours contact.
  • Provides little or no value-added services.

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