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Executive Investigations was established in 1994 to provide a comprehensive and professional investigation service to corporate, commercial, legal and government entities.

Executive Investigations have expanded our services to the Legal Paternity. Please find following a list of services to complement our comprehensive Surveillance & Factual  Services.                                                                     Locate Witness, Urgent Video Duplication's, Defendant/Plaintiff/Witness Security Escorts for Court Hearings, Child Custody Investigations, Covert Observations of Child Hand Over's, Employee Theft, Covert Camera Installs (Court permit required NSW only), Service of Legal Documents, All Data Base Searches & TSCM (de bugging). Please contact us if you require any Legal services that are not listed here or if you would like more information.

Don't forget Executive Investigations invest heavily in the latest surveillance equipment that helps contributes to our above average surveillance results.

Are you aware of fraud warning signs? - click here for more.

How Vulnerable Are You?                                                                                              Fraud Warning Signs - click here for more.

Our surveillance division was strengthened in 1996 after winning an Australian Commonwealth Government agency contract to provide these services, a contract we continue to hold today ten years later. We are proud to state that we now service no less than eleven Australian Government Departments and or their agencies along with some of the top ten corporate firms in Australia.

Based in Canberra, our investigators cover the ACT, southern NSW & surrounding areas including the NSW south coast and down to the Victorian boarder. Executive Investigations are equal partners in the Alliance business that allows us to undertake instruction in all areas of Australia and New Zealand.

We have an experienced and professional team of investigators and welcome the opportunity to assist you in any matter. Our friendly staff will make sure your dealings with a private investigation agency is both easy and effective. For more information about our services, please click here.

Are you aware of fraud warning signs? What is your fraud IQ? Fraud unfortunately plays a major role in your business losses. Telephone fraud is estimated at $10 billion/year. Medical fraud is estimated at 10% of health care costs. Seventy percent of retail fraud is committed by employees.

Nearly half of all workers (USA Study) admit to stealing something from their employers. If you include time theft (coming in late or leaving early), the numbers increase to nearly 60% of all workers. It is becoming more and more important to conduct quality background checks on prospective employees and business associates.

Check out these fraud warning signs and compare these to your company or organisation. Then call us to help reduce your fraud risk. Our investigators have extensive international experience. If you have an international or domestic fraud problem, call us today.

How Vulnerable Are You? Fraud Warning Signs
1. Watch for changes in your employee's lifestyle, especially his/her spending habits.
2. Employee attendance problems.
3. Unusual billing addresses or payment arrangements.
4. Excessive department or individual expenses or purchases.
5. Frequent complaints from your suppliers or customers.
6. Low employee morale.
7. Missing documents/ files or documents with numerous alterations.
8. Excessive overtime.
9. Discrepancies in inventories or cash overages/ shortages.
10. Close relationships between employees and vendors or customers.
11. Understaffed accounting or auditing departments.
12. Constant overriding of internal controls.
13. Inadequate internal controls or policies.
14. One person controlling both sales and receipts.
15. Ignored employee complaints, suggestions, or comments.
16. Large numbers of adjusting journal entries, especially at period end dates.
17. Managers unfamiliar with warning signs.
18. Managers overly trust employees.
19. Management ignoring own controls and enforcement procedures.
20. Indispensable personnel who arrive early and work late.
21. Management unfamiliar with the actual fraud losses.

What you should do to prevent fraud?
1. Conduct quality background checks on your potential employees.
2. Know what your losses are and develop a tracking system to identify when and how they occur.
3. MINIMIZE security overrides.
4. Develop tight security controls.
5. Conduct noticeable random spot-checks for security purposes.
6. Conduct an external security check of your entire system, including security personnel.
7. Hire higher quality security personnel and pay them for their quality.
8. Train supervisors in fraud prevention.
9. Reduce the opportunities for impulse crimes.
10. Develop an employee hotline to report safety and fraud conditions.
11. Investigate high risk areas.
12. Vigorously investigate frauds and take necessary corrective action.
13. Ensure that management is responsible for fraud prevention/ detection.

All telephone inquires are obligation free and treated with the strictest of confidence.

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