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countermeasures (de-bugging)



Is Your Business Secure?
Governments and their Armed Forces rely heavily on intelligence as does the business community. Would you like to know your competitor's plans? I bet you would, so it follows that they would like to know yours. Unfortunately, some malicious operators will engage whatever means available to them to steal your hard work and R & D Investment!

For a estimate on your debugging requirements please email our Canberra Office or telephone us 02 62929289. Private & Commercial clients welcome.

Electronic counter-measures
Electronic countermeasures is the science of locating the many means of electronic surveillance. Some of which may not even be located on the premises. Executive Investigations has secured the services and mentor program of Mr. Graeme House along with his associate Peter Jones to conduct electronic countermeasures services.

Graeme House trained in security and communications before joining an elite Australian Commonwealth Government agency in 1980. There he operated in the areas of electronic security measures, physical security measures, access systems, research and development, telecommunications, computer security and various other technical activities. In 1994, Mr House left the Australian Government and started in private practice. Graeme (Corpsec) is an established and respected security consultant who specializes in electronic counter-measures internationally, with clients including corporations and government organizations across Australia, Asia and the United States. For all your electronic counter-measures requirements and to get an estimate of fees please contact us!

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