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schedule of fees and charges

Executive Investigations are pleased to offer clients a competitive rate based upon providing a value-added service that meets the specific requirements of the investigation project. Each investigation is different and requires different skill sets, different staff, different equipment and therefore different fees. Contact us to get a estimate of fees for your case. Below is our general fee range that may assist.

Surveillance $80 to $110/hour
Factual Investigations $90 to $150/hour
Kilometres $0.75 to $0.95 /km
Administration $65 to $100/hour
Video prints  $2.50 ea
Data base searches (see Detailed Search page) $ price on application
Video master - SD, DVD & Micro SD $25 ea
CD data disk $10 ea
DVD copy/edited video disk $25 ea
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) $500 per hour  (De Bugging)

If the service you require is not listed here, please contact us for prices.

Please not surveillance cases have a 4 hour minimum per shift. Surveillance instructions limits can be set by you the client via a Dollar limit, Number of hours assigned to the case or on completion of objective where we brief the client after every shift. Contact our office for more details regarding our fees, charges and to learn the best way to instruct or commission an investigation.

Factual Investigations have no minimum hours per shift/task.

When you call our office you will not talk to a high pressure sales member, you will speak to an investigator or office manager who will provide you with frank responses to the prospective investigation at hand be it surveillance based or factual based investigation. Our objective is not to sell you our services no matter what, but to transparently discuss all legal options and advise you if we are the best option for you or to point you in the write direction if there is a better solution available.

Please note that all fees and charges are subject to an additional 10% GST. If accounts are settled via a Credit card this will incur a additional 3%  fee.

Payment is settled on completion of an assignment after a retainer has been paid or if a complex assignment progress payments may be required.

Deposit Payment
 All EFPOST & CREDIT CARD sales can be securely made by calling our office on 02 62929289

Other payment options are, by direct bank transfer, Wire Transfer, B Pay, Credit Card & Cash

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