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Executive Investigations offer small business an affordable security and investigative service that encompasses everything from staff hold-up training to work place accident investigations.

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Shop Lifting
Shoplifters account for the number one reason small stores fail. It is estimated up to ten percent of customers steal from stores. Most thieves often justify theft from stores and do not even view themselves as thieves. Small shops with close proximity to small items are pilfered constantly. Video taping is the number one deterrent to shoplifting. Record stores, hobby and candy stores, cosmetic shops and pharmacies report dramatic reductions in theft by "five-finger discount"

Employee Theft
One third of all business failures have been linked to losses from employee theft. Whatever the psychological reason most people admit to stealing from their employer. Your most trusted employees are often the most likely to steal, usually because the opportunity arises. Often a good employee begins to feel justified as a "silent partner." Video cameras deter theft by reducing the temptation that honest people feel.

Security cameras and monitoring systems in warehouses, on docks and in store rooms greatly reduce employee theft. Cameras monitoring rear entrances and side exits are often enough to reduce theft. Over forty percent of businesses use video camera monitoring when they have a problem with employee theft.

Vendor Theft
That trusted vendor delivery guy who has been coming in your store room for some time sure seems friendly, but would he steal? Vendor theft is a major cause of profit loss in business. Some vendors routinely switch old product for new, or change product size. Some even blatantly pocket goods from your store room. Shorted and switched orders, and theft of products can increase the cost of business beyond that which a business can handle.

With Executive Investigations you can be assured that the highest standards of professionalism and service will be applied to each and every investigation undertaken on your behalf.

Please note: Court permit required in NSW for covert camera installations.

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